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Bobby Vigeant is a Native Rhode Islander born into a family with two brothers and one sister. His Mother raised all four of the children on her own as his father died when he was six years old. Bobby grew up an athlete and always kept himself in Fantastic Physical Condition and understood the Value of Intelligent Nutrition!

Bobby majored in most sports during high school and went on to become a Home Builder in the Construction Industry and the Real Estate market for a number of years. Bobby then decided to follow his Passion for Physical Fitness and educating others in this field as a starter level employee for the Bally Health + Fitness Chain in the United States. He Quickly Rose through the Ranks in this organization and ended up becoming an Area Director for this company after living and working in four different states, in charge of multi numbers of Health Clubs handling Educational Programs, Sales Training, Physiological Studies and Nutritional Training for his employees and customers at each facility.

In 1994 Bobby moved to Florida and Opened a Chain of Health Clubs called "U.S. Total Fitness + Rehab, and Created a New Way of Intermingling Health Clubs and Chiropractic Services for Injury Patients and their Rehabilitation Services after recovery of Injury inside of one facility. Each Health Club Incorporated a Chiropractors Office where Patients and Club Members could stop into and get their Reparatory Work tended to and also check in with the clubs Chiropractor for any Physiological Needs they might have. This Innovative Step in the Health Club Industry was "Ground breaking" to say the least and became the New Standard in the Health Club Industry around the Country, from that point on!

After almost ten years of building these facilities in Florida Bobby sold the chain of clubs and decided to become an Actor in film and Television! In 2005 Bobby studied Theatre, Script Interpretation and Stage Presentation in the Rhode Island Theatrical Circuit. In 2008 Bobby landed his first Lead Role in the Independent Feature Film "Law and Disorder", Produced by Beaver Dam Productions of Maryland. Bobby played the Character of "John Issac" a Womanizing Ex-Marine that was the Executive Director for a Washington, Dc. Lobbyist Law Firm ! Bobbys Character Died near the beginning of the film and was Not Allowed entry into Heaven until he could earn enough "Good Deed Points" and then became a Ghost that Roamed the Halls of his Previous Law Firm creating Mayhem for the Employees that once worked for him, while still attempting to Learn How To let go of his Animosity towards them and become Kind Hearted and Compassionate so that he could Gain Entry into Heaven! This Film Won "Best Feature Film" in the 2009 Pare Lorentz International Film Festival in West Virginia!

During his time filming this Production, Bobby could Not escape his Passion for Health, Fitness, Life Wellness and Nutrition ! Bobby then decided to Create His Very Own Film, Website Service, and Branded Clothing Line, pertaining to the Life Wellness Industry and Created the "V.I.G. Lifestyle", which stands for the "Very Important Guy" and "Very Important Girl”! This Incredibly Innovative Idea was even More Creative than his Creation of Health Clubs and Chiropractors together under one roof! Bobby was now going to take his ability in the Acting Industry and Couple it with his Life’s Passion for Health, Fitness and Nutrition, Culminating In "Life Wellness"!

In late 2009 Bobby Began Filming his "V.I.G. Lifestyle" and completed the projects 60 minute video in January 2010. During this time Bobby Recognized another Talented Health + Fitness Enthusiast and True Leader named Nicky DeQuattro ! Bobby asked Nicky to team up with him on VIG and Nicky Never Looked Back, becoming the "V.I.G.eneral" of this New and Innovative way of Living the Best Life a person Can! Nicky has been by Bobbys side throughout the duration and Creation of building this Lifestyle Project and Continues to this Day to "Lead By Example “for the "V.I.G. Lifestyle" ! You can find out more about Nicky DeQuattro by reading his Own Biography Page Here!

Since VIG's filming Completion Bobby has also been Featured in a number of other films around the Country as a Lead Actor and has Excelled in every Production he has been a part of ! To Name a few others, "Big Shots". "Dirty Gun". "Big Dough", "The Life Coach", in Lead Role Capacities! Bobby has also appeared in the Feature Films "Missing William. "Benny Go HOME", "Four Single Fathers", "Mall Cop" and various other Film Productions!

Bobby is Now Releasing the" VIG Brand" of Fitness and Life Wellness around the "V.I.G.lobe" through the Internet and Jockeys back and forth between Providence Rhode Island and Los Angeles California working in both the Health + Fitness Industry and Acting In Film Production Industry !

VIG has Many different Meanings depending on what Your Personal Likenesses are. You Could Be.."V.I.G.reat" or "V.I.G.rand' or Be "V.I.G.orgeous"..:) You can also Be a "V.I.G.olfer" that Aspires to Become A "V.I.G.enius"... or Becoming a "V.I.G.raduate" that has Loving "V.I.G.randparents" Both of which are VIG's because they Are "V.I.G.randmother" and "V.I.G.randfather"..:) Or..You Can Become "V.I.G.racious" to Your Own "V.I.G.od' ..:) If You Are "V.I.G.igantic" or "V.I.G.ay" or even a "V.I.G.angsta" there is a V.I.G. for Everyone! Everyone You Know is a "V.I.G." ! Your Mother, Brothers, Sisters, Friends Even Your Grandparents and Children Are ALL VIG's ! This New and Innovative Lifestyle I've Created Is Considered "V.I.G.olden" and Will Become a Major Entity Around the "V.I.G.lobe" In the Future! 

Bobby moved to Los Angeles 2011 and is being cast in Other Films while he continues to build the "V.I.G. Lifestyle" and has now completed this website to bring the VIG Brand of Health, Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition to the Entire World! VIG Now has Different Services, Products, Online Memberships and it's Own Activewear Clothing Line that is available right here on for All to Enjoy and become a part of!

There's Just One Question Left to Ask Yourself??

Do YOU ....Want To Be .......A "V.I.G." ???

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