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Text Trainer Service Starts January 1, 2012
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"You can lose a minimum of 5 pounds a week!!! "

V.I.G. Lifestyles newest service called the, Text Trainer, is a breakthrough in the health, fitness and life wellness industries! Bobby Vigeant has coupled technology and nutritional coaching along with life coaching services to bring this affordable, innovative way to be coached every day, 6 times a day through your cell phone by text message! This service will be with you anywhere and everywhere to guide you through the daunting task of changing and monitoring your eating habits! Nutrition and eating the correct foods at the correct times is necessary to shape and/ or change your physique! Excluding carbohydrates from your daily eating plan at night is imminent to achieving the goals you set out for when attempting to make these changes! The V.I.G irl, personal pocket Text Training System will give you the coaching and guidance necessary to accomplish all of your health, fitness and life wellness goals !

V.I.G. is now offering "2 FREE" weeks to try this innovative training system
through your telephone!   

 "Sign up today" and start your New Year off with the right tools to create a healthier and more productive Lifestyle for yourself and your family!

"a healthier and more productive lifestyle..."

When you sign up for our FREE 14 day trial membership, you will receive 6 text messages per day from the morning until the evening that will inform you on what foods to choose for each meal, along with tips from Bobby on how to speed up your metabolism and burn calories! This text service gives you a "Personal Trainer" and a "Nutritionist" right in your pocket! To hire a trainer for workouts or nutrition in person would cost you at least 35.00 an hour, anywhere in the world! The V.I.G. Lifestyle is going to change the cost and effectiveness of personal training "V.I.G.lobally", by staying with you ALL day long by text messaging every 3 hours! This "constant reminder" throughout the day will give you the strength and ability to make the nutritional changes necessary to achieve the fitness goals you aspire to when you make the commitment to living a healthier lifestyle! This service will also be expanding to include "Life Coaching" services in the near future!  You will also receive ideas for "in between" meals, nutrition on supplemental foods and will also remind you every day at 4 p.m. to STOP taking in "Carbs" during the evenings, as carb intake once you are in a sedentary mode does nothing but pack on pounds!

Sign up TODAY, for your 14 day FREE trail!!!

Once you've experienced this service for FREE, you will be able to sign up for constant messaging to your cell phone daily for an incredible fee of $14.99/month! 6 text messages a day, every day of the week! This service makes personal training and nutritional coaching, affordable and accessible to ALL people! Anyone who has hired a personal trainer or nutritionist at ANY gym anywhere knows that this same service "In Person" would cost you at least 35.00 an hour!! V.I.G.'s "Text Trainer" only cost $14.99 for an entire month!! V.I.G. calls this new service, a "No Brainer" for anyone looking to be cost effective while having an incredible tool available to them while they go about their daily lives activities! No headaches, no high fees, no interruptions while working or socializing, just text messaged information and reminders shot right into your cell phone! Now THAT is innovative! I Hope you enjoy your FREE 14 day trail membership and also hope to see you as a continuing member of the V.I.G. Lifestyle? Everyone has a V/ (or) V.I.G.irl inside of them. :)





Physiology dictates it takes a minimum of 90 days to change your metabolism and shape of your body!
Take advatage of our 90 day LIMITED TIME RISK FREE offer of the VIG Text Trainer Services for only $39.99. If you are not 100% satisfied, within your FREE 14 day trial, cancel your membership and recieve a FULL REFUND. See Terms
30 Day LIMITED TIME Offer.
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1 30 Day Text Trainer Monthy Service (Your credit card will be charged $14.99 per month) No cancelation fee. See Terms$14.99

90 Day LIMITED TIME Offer.
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1 90 Day Text Trainer Limited Time Offer (Includes a FREE 14 day trial)
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Annual 12 Month LIMITED TIME Offer.
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1 1 Year Text Trainer Limited Time Offer (Includes a FREE 14 day trial)
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FREE DVD. Just pay for Shipping/ Handling
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1 Text Trainer FREE 60 Minute DVD Promotion. For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, VIG Lifestyle is offering a FREE DVD ($20 Value) for just the cost of Shipping/Handling ($9.99) $9.99

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