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The V.I.G. Guy/ Girl Lifestyle was Created to Enhance People’s Lives! Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually and Professionally! Being VIG... Is a Status of Intelligence, Creativity and Capability! It Says to the World that “I AM Smart"...." I AM Kind"...." I AM Tough"...." I AM Compassionate!! It Says..." I Care about Others “...." I AM Charitable “....”!! It Says to the World...." I Can Accomplish Anything”!!!! V.I.G. Lifestyle is a Staunch Supporter of Charities in Need and Dedicates a percentage of its profits from this website to Various Charities "V.I.G.lobally”!! Everyone Needs a Helping Hand and "V.I.G.iving" to.....Someone in Need...Is a "Friend in Deed”!! V.I.G. is about living the Best Life We Can in a Well Rounded and Respectable Way!! Never...Mistaken a "V.I.G.uys" or a "V.I.G.irls" Kindness...... for Weakness.....Ever!! V.I.G. is predicated on the Understanding that the World we live in is more vast than we can perceive and that the "V.I.G.ift" of Human Life Is the One Common Thread we ALL Share and that Our Minds are Amazing Machines, Capable of Incredible Achievements!! "

What the Mind Believes ....The Person Becomes”!! Most Importantly, Bobby proves to others that the "V.I.G. Lifestyle" Is REAL and that It WORKS!! Bobby Was V.I.G.'s .......Very First Customer!!

The VIG Lifestyle is the "Brain Child" of Bobby Vigeant! It was developed by utilizing several aspects of Health, Fitness, Life Wellness, Technology and the Realization that ALL Human Beings Only Utilize a Maximum of 20% of their Own Brains Capacity! This Gave Bobby the Opportunity to Show Others that Everyone Could Tap Into more of their own Intelligence through the Power of Positive Reinforcement and that Anyone Can Use Meditative and Concentrative Exercises to Unlock a Larger Portion of their Mind and its Ability ! VIG Is a "Mind" "Body" and "Spirit" Transformation to Live Your best Life Possible and to become Anything and Everything You have Ever Dreamed Of! Whether it is a Physical Goal, A Spiritual Awareness, A Professional Benchmark or of a Personal nature of Self Worth and Accomplishment, VIG Lifestyle has the Answers to Make Our Dreams a Reality! Bobby "Proof Sources" This Ability By Living the VIG Lifestyle In His Own Life and has Transformed Himself Into a V.I.Guy in Many Aspects throughout his Own Life’s experiences and has also realized Dreams he once had by Believing and Following these Innovative and Creative Guidelines !

There are Many Products and Services that VIG has to offer you and they are showcased in the VIG Lifestyle 60 minute Video, the Activewear Clothing Line and Online Membership Service! It is Endearingly Referred to by Bobby as "VIGVILE”! VIG has bloomed into a World of its own and it has become a New Way of living that Can Drive You Forward to Accomplish Anything you chose in Your Life! Bobby has built a New and Innovative Online Service for ALL to Join and Become a Part Of! This Service Will Include Daily "Webcam Workouts" through Your Computer, Ipad, Cell Phone or Television! It will also include a Text/Email Nutritional Coaching Service that Will Text/Email You 6 TIMES A DAY on your Cell Phone, Coaching You through Your Nutritional Needs and the Physiological Changes Necessary to Shed Extra Weight and Create a New Look for Yourself! He will also Offer a Daily "LIVE" Blog on this Site to communicate With You Personally Every Day for any Question or Extra Help You Might Need! VIG also has created a New Abdominal Video called "Alien Abs”! It is an Educational Video teaching others how to enjoy the Two Major components of having Phenomenal Abdominal Muscles throughout their Lifetime with Correct Nutrition and Abdominal Shaping Exercises!

Along with this Video Bobby is now working on another branch of the "V.I.G. Lifestyle" called the "Fighting Philosopher" ! This will be a Comprehensive educational video pertaining to Self Defense and Weaponry training in the Martial Arts, along with the Implementation of a person’s "Inner Chi”! CHI is a Concentrative Inner Power that ALL Humans Share and have the ability to acquire through Meditation, Positive Concentration and Belief that they are Capable of Anything! Finding a person’s "CHI" is easier than one thinks! Bobby actually 'Proof Sources" this CHI Strength through his Own Life’s Travels and overcoming obstacles since he was a child, which is All shown in the "V.I.G. Lifestyle Video !

VIG also has segments pertaining to "Family Fitness" for Parents along with their Children and a "Dance Cardio" segment that teaches others to enjoy cardiovascular Exercising through the Medium of Dance and its Health Benefits for Both Parents and their Children. VIG also offers Hip Hop Dance Cardio through a Teenaged Championship Dancer named "Jammin Jordan Manfredi". Jordan Is the United States teenage, Hip Hop Dance Gold Medalist! Jordan shares the Dance Cardio Spotlight in the "V.IG. Lifestyle" with female Dance Instructor "Jackie Henderson" who has been a Hip Hop and Cardio Dance Instructor for over 20 years in Rhode Island ! We also offer another Core Training female Fitness Instructor named "Denise Petrarca". Denise will head up our "Family Fitness" section and has many years of Instructional training under her belt with Children and Parents!

Bobby will be Instructing on Body Shaping. Nutrition, Life Coaching, Chi Concentration, Martial Arts and Weaponry Training, and, our Very Own, Nicky DeQuattro the "V.I.G.eneral", will be Offering a Boxing Exercising Segment in this website!

I Invite Everyone to Check Out the V.I.G. Lifestyle !! Thank You Kindly!

Bobby Vigeant
Nicky DeQuattro
V.I.G. Lifestyle Staff

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